New EU Methane Regulation Passed by European Council

This sweeping legislation will not only increase survey frequency and introduce new measures on European operators, but international exporters selling within the EU as well.

The European Union’s methane regulation is about to change dramatically as new measures come into effect in the coming days.

Following the European Council press release, the supplement of the ‘Fit for 55’ was adopted May 27th and brings a variety of new emissions measurement and verification requirements for the energy sector. Notably, these measures are not exclusive to operators within the European Union, but apply to imports as well.

Some of the new requirements included are more frequent Type 1 and Type 2 leak detection and repair (LDAR) surveys and flare efficiency monitoring. Find out more via this brochure about the regulation and available technologies to perform these measures.

AI-powered infrared imaging, already employed by industry leaders in North America and Europe, provides an immediate solution to meet the new EU regulation. With recent incorporation into similar EPA regulations for methane in early 2024, the technology has become a reliable benchmark for emissions detection and quantification in the energy sector empowering organizations to remain compliant with these new measures.

Our portable OGI and continuous monitoring cameras can detect methane emissions and quantify their leak rate while Agni can remotely calculate combustion efficiency of flares.

Check out the video below to see our technology in action:

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