SENSIA OGCI Aiming For Zero Methane Emissions Initiative Announcement - flare efficiency monitoring

SENSIA Joins the OGCI’s Aiming For Zero Methane Emissions Initiative


LEGANÉS, MADRID, SPAIN – SENSIA, a leading provider of infrared imaging hardware and software solutions, has officially joined the Aiming For Zero Methane Emissions Initiative, a global movement aimed at reducing methane emissions to zero by 2030. As a supporter of the initiative, SENSIA is committed to helping signatory members in the oil and gas industry greatly reduce their methane emissions through flare efficiency monitoring and more.

Gas flares used in upstream oil and gas operations have been identified as major sources of greenhouse gas emissions and are under increasing scrutiny due to the climate change crisis. SENSIA’s cutting-edge technologies, including handheld OGI cameras, 24/7 continuous monitoring systems, and flare efficiency monitoring, offer customized solutions to support oil and gas companies facing new regulations, such as methane emissions standards. Specifically, SENSIA’s newest camera, Agni, is designed to measure and visualize flare efficiency in a variety of industrial settings, identifying combustion inefficiencies and flare malfunctions while preventing emissions through its advanced technology and user-friendly RedLook interface.

By joining the Aiming For Zero Methane Emissions Initiative, SENSIA is taking a leadership role in promoting sustainable practices in the oil and gas industry. In addition to its commitment to the initiative, SENSIA offers customized solutions to signatory members, helping them to optimize their operations and reduce emissions. With its expertise in infrared imaging and gas monitoring solutions, SENSIA is poised to be an invaluable resource for companies looking to achieve their emissions reduction goals.

Learn more about SENSIA’s flare efficiency monitoring on our website: Flare efficiency (