Join SENSIA at the Methane Mitigation Global Summit June 20-23

SENSIA Empowers Oil and Gas Industry at the Methane Mitigation Global Summit


HOUSTON, TEXAS, USA – SENSIA is proud to announce our participation and workshop in the prestigious Methane Mitigation Global Summit held in Houston, Texas from June 20-23. This high-profile event brings together industry experts, stakeholders, and innovators to address the urgent need for reducing methane emissions. In this article, we explore SENSIA’s significant contribution to methane mitigation efforts in Workshop G and how advanced autonomous monitoring solutions can revolutionize the oil and gas sector.

Leading the Way in Methane Mitigation

SENSIA is emerging as a frontrunner in driving sustainable and forward-thinking compliance practices within the oil and gas industry. By attending the Methane Mitigation Global Summit, we reaffirm our commitment to finding innovative solutions for reducing methane emissions, a potent greenhouse gas. With methane being a primary concern in the industry, SENSIA’s expertise in continuous monitoring and leak detection plays a crucial role in meeting global environmental goals.

Continuous Monitoring: An Integral Solution

As part of the summit, SENSIA will be leading a workshop focused on the benefits of continuous monitoring and their comprehensive solutions for methane emissions reduction, leak detection, repair, and reporting. SENSIA’s advanced monitoring technologies, including OGI cameras and remote monitoring systems, enable real-time insights and proactive management of methane emissions. These state-of-the-art solutions, like our Agni camera that monitors flare combustion efficiency, provide accurate data for reporting and compliance purposes.

Empowering the Oil and Gas Industry with Advanced Autonomous Monitoring

SENSIA’s presence at the summit highlights their dedication to empowering the oil and gas industry with cutting-edge monitoring technologies. Our OGI cameras, like the Mileva and Caroline series, allow for the detection, visualization and quantification of gas leaks and streamlined reporting for LDAR campaigns. With new EPA 0000a compliance standards pending, our technology is built to support the rapidly changing oil and gas industry.

Driving Sustainable Operations

SENSIA’s advanced monitoring solutions align perfectly with the industry’s goals of achieving sustainable operations. By actively monitoring methane emissions, operators can effectively manage and reduce their environmental footprint. The data-driven insights provided by SENSIA’s solutions enable operators to optimize production, enhance safety, and meet stringent regulatory requirements, fostering a sustainable future for the oil and gas industry.

SENSIA’s participation in the Methane Mitigation Global Summit underscores our commitment to driving sustainable practices in the oil and gas industry. With our advanced monitoring solutions, including OGI cameras and remote monitoring systems, SENSIA empowers operators to proactively detect, address, and report methane emissions. By collaborating with industry experts and sharing our expertise at the summit, SENSIA plays a vital role in advancing methane mitigation efforts and shaping a more sustainable future for the oil and gas sector. We hope to see you at our booth and workshop in Houston!

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