SENSIA Awarded at IPFEST 2023 in the ScaleUp Category

SENSIA has received an award in the PREMIOS NACIONALES DE TRANSFERENCIA DE CONCIMIENTO Y TECNOLOGÍA after being nominated by leading Spanish universities

SENSIA IPfest 2023 ScaleUp Award

SENSIA achieved yet another milestone this month, as we proudly accepted the ScaleUp category award at the esteemed IPfest held in Madrid, Spain. This distinguished recognition spotlights companies that have emerged from academic institutions, exhibiting a fervent commitment to research and development while rapidly scaling their operations through widespread market acceptance of their technological innovations.

The honor bestowed upon us at IPfest resonates deeply with our core values and aspirations. It signifies not only our unwavering dedication and tireless efforts but, above all, the pinnacle of our technological leadership in the realm of intelligent infrared imaging. This accolade reaffirms our standing as a preeminent global entity in our field, showcasing the societal dividends reaped from investments in cutting-edge R&D ventures.

At SENSIA, this award serves as a testament to our enduring pursuit of innovation and excellence. It underscores our relentless drive to redefine industry standards, transcend boundaries, and make an indelible impact within the realms of intelligent infrared imaging technology.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our committed team, steadfast partners, and loyal patrons whose unwavering support continues to propel us forward on this remarkable journey of advancement and innovation. Together, we remain steadfastly committed to pioneering groundbreaking solutions and shaping a future imbued with technological brilliance.

SENSIA continues pushing the boundaries, innovating, and driving change!