Quality Policy

Quality, safety and environment

SENSIA’s Quality, Safety and Environment policy is certified according to international standards and its purpose is to ensure that every project it carries out (both for external clients and in its own research and development process), the services it provides and the processes and activities it undertakes to do so, are carried out with the due level of quality, respect for the environment and all the appropriate safety measures in place.


In all of SENSIA’s activities, particular importance is placed on Quality, both internally and in the execution of projects. Indeed, quality is one of SENSIA’s core corporate values, along with innovation and independence.

The companies with commercial relations with SENSIA shall have a Quality System implemented according to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016. SENSIA carries out an annual evaluation of the suppliers based on the incidents that have occurred throughout the year. The following aspects are evaluated: the quality of the product / service, the delivery terms and the attention received from the supplier, in order to achieve more effective control and monitoring of the quality of the suppliers.


SENSIA is working on reducing their printed carbon signature of its activities and its products.

Health and safety

SENSIA’s prevention and health protection activities for its employees in the work environment.

Customer satisfaction

One of the factors that has a decisive influence on our actions that are geared at improving our activities is our clients’ perception of our company and our execution.

In order to gather the opinion of said clients and aside from other direct and indirect means, a dedicated channel has been set up to readily and directly collect all complaints and claims in connection with the organization itself, projects and employees.