Smart monitoring 24/7


Redlook technology translates the human interpretation of the infrared imaging to artificial vision, creating a huge potential in a single multifunctional device.

Redlook is the result of merging different worlds and disciplines: IR optics and radiometry, image processing, machine learning, industrial standards compliance, Industry 4.0 requirements and reliability, and many others.

Both the system architecture and the image processing algorithms meet the HSE needs of the industry.


Smart Monitoring 24/7

RedLook provides a multifunctional environment including AI based tools for very diverse industrial applications, which have been proven to be a very reliable solution. These functionalities can be configured attending to the user requirements, to establish the alarms and working rules of this customizable solution.


Versatile solutions for safety environment and monitoring

SENSIA’s range of fixed cameras covers the entire spectrum of industrial HSE. For every monitoring need, there is a SENSIA system with the required Redlook functionality. Innovative capabilities assembled under a single control software.

This table shows the RedLook functionalities performed by each of REDLOOK’s fixed cameras


Meeting the HSE needs of the industry

Explain Press Principal Tank Leveling Remote and automated Tank Level
gauging without opening the thief hatch
Tank Leveling Learn more Go back
Smart LDAR Take leak detection and repair to the next level with SENSIA Smart LDAR Learn more Go back Elevated Body Temp Workers health and temperature screening Elevated Body Temperature Learn more Go back Flare monitoring Real time performance monitoring with SENSIA Flare Monitoring Learn more Go back Gas detection Detect hundreds of industrial gases with SENSIA Gas Detection Learn more Go back Surveillance Track and follow workers trajectory with SENSIA Surveillance Learn more Go back Spill detection Water, oil and non-volatile hydrocarbons with SENSIA Spill Detection Learn more Go back

Advanced IR imaging analytics and features

Standard communication protocols compliance. RedLook is fully compatible with traditional surveillance systems, taking safety and security to a new level. Reduce cost and complexity merging all your HSE needs in a single technology.


Architecture cases: centralized and distributed

Get the most out of Redlook software with this high-performance control unit. Redlook platform ensures a satisfactory response to any installation. It has been tested with multiple simultaneous SENSIA cameras executed in multifunctionality and with different types of network connections. Centralized (HP Z8 G4 Workstation) and Distributed (Nuvo-7160GC series).

Autonomous Distributed Architecture

Standard Distributed Architecture

Centralized High Availability Architecture

Why is Redlook the best technology to upgrade your HSE enforcement?

  • Reduction of cost and complexity : Merge all your HSE needs in a single technology
  • Upgrade your protection against fire, explosive or toxic gas leaks, intrusion…
  • Increase the workers and equipment safety: Man-down detection, safety perimeter in hazardous components, traceability and countability of workers at critical areas.
  • In-service Monitoring of Components by intelligent thermography
  • Standard protocols: MODBUS TCP, OPC, HART and ONVIF Compliance
  • Increasing the detection ranges, detection probability, immunity to false alarms and response time
  • Several option for customization
  • Cover large areas under monitoring

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