Flame detection

The most reliable early warning system for fire

RedLook “Flame Detection” is the most reliable tool for fire anticipation (by intelligent thermography) and early warning of fire.

Cutting edge AI analytics provide excellent performance in terms of range, detection probability and warning time.

Able to detect fire hazards before break out, this trusted monitoring system provide high immunity to false alarms. Including the most frequents sources, such as solar glints, moving lights or fluctuating hot lamps.

Advantages VS single point detectors
  • Larger FoV increasing the area under surveillance

  • Higher detection Probability > 98%

  • Higher detection ranges

  • Ultra low false alarm rate < 0,00001%

  • Fire location on image.

  • Common cases of use: forest fires, petrochemicals, landfills, recycling plants, critical infrastructures…

Flame detection range

Best-in-class False Alarms Immunity

  • Solar Glints, direct o reflected

  • Lamps (incandescent, Fluorescents, Quarz, etc.)

  • Hot points, components or areas

  • Incandescent bodies

  • Weldings

  • LED’s screens

  • Radiation Heaters

  • Hot exhaust plumes

  • Moving lights

  • Fluctuating hot lams

Compatible cameras