New trends in Oil & Gas safety and security: Smart Monitoring

The Oil & Gas sector is moving, guided by an increase in government regulations, towards an increase in safety and security at all stages of the process: exploration, processing, transportation and storage.

In addition, the progressive limitation of reserves means that crude oil production is taking place in increasingly complex environments. The adoption of new technologies to ensure health, safety and environment (HSE) in these critical facilities becomes essential. The industry must face a breakthrough in its HSE systems.

At the same time, companies are not going to get rid of their implemented systems. For this reason, any progress must pass through an integration with the previous control elements, offering a stable transition to the new possibilities.

With this in mind, SENSIA has developed the multifunction 24/7 monitoring system RedLook. RedLook is a versatile solution, fully compatible with all established communication and video management protocols, offering the most advanced functionalities in video management for HSE.

Both the facility and the personnel who access it must be closely monitored to ensure its security. This requires a constant and automatic monitoring that does not depend on the attention of a control operator.

RedLook translates the human interpretation of the infrared imaging (gas imaging, thermography, surveillance, fire detection) to artificial vision, creating a huge potential in a single multifunctional device.

RedLook provides visual monitoring beyond safety and security: 24/7 observation, panoramic scanning and automatic detection systems within the area. RedLook’s functionalities are very versatile and highly configurable to adapt to each and every one of the environments in which the oil & gas cycle takes place.

It is a system capable of being useful and configurable for all users of the organization, from the HSE manager to the oilfield operator.

RedLook offers effective solutions for the growing security challenges in today’s oil&gas operating environment.

For more info: RedLook Software