New Mileva 33 OGI

The most lightweight OGI is now a reality with Mileva technology, with quantification analytics embedded.

The most compact handheld cooled OGI in the market is now available. Mileva 33 OGI has a brand-new ergonomic design, less weight, and a more efficient and sustainable power supply. The revolutionary MWIR SENSIA 640 x 512 cooled detector allows us to deliver the most lightweight OGI (<1.5 kg w/o batteries) while keeping the high sensitivity to small methane leaks (<0.35 gr/hr).

Emerging alternative technologies are pushing regulators, final users and policy makers to increase the required detection thresholds deteriorating the quality of the inspections and then increasing the carbon footprint of the installation under survey. SENSIA is still committed to offering the most suitable and accurate technology for fugitive gas emissions detection in LDAR campaigns. OGI technology detects both super emitter sources and small leaks.

But, the advantages of Mileva 33 goes beyond its measurement capacities:

  • Embedded processor for Quantitative Optical Gas Imaging: readings of leak flow rate. No external computer is required.
  • Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity for sharing data with external software or devices such as SENSIA Gas Sniffer 4.0
  • Ergonomic design with hand straps and joystick

Thanks to the new Mileva 33, the LDAR surveys are going to be much faster, confortable and efficient than ever before.