Astronaut and actual Science Minister of Spain, Pedro Duque, visits SENSIA

As part of his visit to the UC3M Science Park, the Minister had the opportunity to get to know SENSIA’s pioneering Smart Monitoring product line.

During a visit organized by the UC3M Science Park together with the Leganés local government and the Spanish Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities, Pedro Duque was able to contemplate and talk with the heads of several innovative companies. In the meeting with SENSIA, there was room for an introduction and on-site demonstration of SENSIA’s innovative Smart Monitoring line.

RedLook solution for SENSIA’s 24/7 Smart Monitoring represents an innovation over existing tools for the security and safety of industrial facilities. Gathered under a single stationary Optical Gas Imaging, the RedLook control software provides several functionalities simultaneously, protecting an area from possible gas leaks, fire risk, unwanted temperature changes, intrusion, irregular flare burn, among others.

RedLook translates the human interpretation of the infrared imaging (thermography, surveillance, gas imaging, fire, etc.) to artificial vision, creating a huge potential in a single multifunctional device.

Pedro Duque, together with the Mayor of Leganés and the Government team of the Universidad Carlos III de Leganés, had the opportunity to learn about this innovation from Francisco Cortés, CEO of SENSIA and the rest of his team.