AIIR-SIL: A RedLook Project

Boosting connectivity and security through artificial intelligence and cloud integration 

LEGANÉS, MADRID, SPAIN – As digital automation, increased security and cloud interconnectivity are transforming the technological landscape as we know it, SENSIA is taking steps towards responding to these trends. Through a close collaboration between SENSIA, NVIDIA and various public funds called AIIR-SIL, SENSIA hopes to further develop its RedLook artificial intelligence tools for applications like gas detection, gas quantification and more while creating a secure, functional cloud platform for its systems.

RedLook, SENSIA’s intelligent monitoring software, has massive implications for a variety of applications. Being fully multifunctional, RedLook’s functionalities span from gas detection and quantification to intelligent thermography, flare efficiency, flame detection and more. The anticipated result of the AIIR-SIL project is to transform SENSIA into the world’s first provider of safety integrity level (SIL) using artificial intelligence combined with infrared camera systems. A major partner during this project will be NVIDIA, a world-leading microprocessor and graphic card manufacturer, that boasts years of experience working with autonomous, un-supervised imaging. In further developing RedLook´s capabilities, SENSIA hopes to reduce the need to provide in-person maintenance and installation of cameras worldwide while also providing more convenience and accuracy for its clients through cloud capabilities and lower false alarm rates via machine learning.

More information about AIIR SIL:

SENSIA is excited to see the final results of this project and experience its wider implications across industries and society.