Calcifir F

Multiple Flare Monitoring system

Calcifir F is a complete continuous monitoring system based on image processing and infrared thermography. This solution is a cutting-edge technology for HSE (Health, Safety & Environment). It automatically detects, locates and visualizes a fire point, activating the security protocols.

This system is ultra sensitive, capable of providing 99% fire detection @ 3×3 pixels.

It combines the latest technology in non-refrigerated infrared detectors with SENSIA detection algorithms.

Base Specifications
FPA640 x 480 px | 384 x 288 px
Pixel Pitch17 μm
NETD<50mK @ +30ºC
Lenses7,5 mm | 14 mm | 20 mm | 25 mm | 35 mm | 50 mm
ZoomDigital Zoom
Accuracy± 1ºC or 1% WIG (from 50ºC to 500ºC)
± 2ºC or 2% WIG (from 500ºC to 1500ºC)
Data ProtocolGigE 9 Hz / 25 Hz
Power<3 watts; PoE (power over ethernet) 9v-48v
Weight3 kg
Size97 x 110 x 330 mm
Operating Temp. Range-10ºC to +50ºC
Other range by demand
Storage Temp. Range-40ºC to +71ºC
EMCEN 61326:2013
Ingress ProtectionIP66 (EN 60529)
EN 60079-0:2012 + A11:2013; EN 60079-7:2015
Features Under Demand
LensesFrom 5 mm to 150 mm
ScanningPan & Tilt
RelayHot relay contact on site
Auxiliar Power Supply12 VDC (instead of PoE)
CommunicationWireless Supported
SMART ModelContact us for further details

Calcifir F performance lets RedLook enable exhaustive monitoring and real-time alerting.

It is highly versatile, allowing to configure several Regions of Interest (RoI) within the area to be monitored.

RedLook can assign a functionality to each configured RoI, granting a total and safe surveillance of the installation.

Innovative capabilities assembled under a single control software

Innovative capabilities assembled under a single control software