Two models available:


MILEVA is the latest model of Optical Gas Imaging for the detection and quantification of gas leaks. This OGI has a spectrally optimized cooled detector of 640 x 512 pixels, enhanced for the detection of hidrocarbons or carbon dioxide.

Light and easy to use. The P.U. consists of an android cellphone connected to the camera and becoming the acquisition screen.

RedLook App is SENSIA's Android software for its Optical Gas Imaging (compatible with CAROLINE and MILEVA cameras). This control and analysis software consists of a simple and intuitive control interface with which to unfold the full potential of RedLook and SENSIA's OGI:

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The ultra-high sensitivity of its cooled detector makes the MILEVA OGI the best option for the leaktightness verification campaigns using carbon dioxide as a trace gas. It allows to visually scan and detect small leaks in an easier way and faster in comparison with traditional methods.

Additionally, MILEVA OGIs are compatible with the SENSIA’s Gas Sniffer 4.0 which allows to obtain the quantitative measurement of the gas on screen, thus fulfilling the Smart LDAR and Method 21 protocols simultaneously.

Main features and specifications

Mileva Specifications2019-03-26T11:26:51+00:00
FPA 640 x 512 pixels
Pixel Pitch 15 microns
NETD <15 mK @ 50 ºC
Optical N: 12ºx9º | M: 18ºx13º | W: 31ºx23º
Accuracy +/- 1 ºC (from -10 to 60ºC)
EPA OOOOa for LDAR Compliance
Data USB 3.0 Type A
Power <10 W, 12 Vin
Battery External, >5 hr duration
Weight 2,7 kg
Size  305 mm x 185 mm x 145 mm
Operating Temp. Range -15 to 40 ºC
Minimum detectable leak rate (CH4) 0,35 g/h*
Certifications EMC (EN 61326:2013)

* ΔT gas-background >5 ºC and orifice diameter 1/4”

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