SENSIA’s Gas Sniffer 4.0: refined

A new design and performance improvements, benefits introduced in the new version.

Now available, Gas Sniffer 4.0 has a brand-new ergonomic design, less weight and a more efficient and sustainable power supply, based on USB-Rechargeable batteries. SENSIA is following its commitment to reduce CO2 print of its products, this is a small step among all the planned by the company.

Thanks to its NDIR technology the gas leak measurement is accurate and reliable, as it does not require constant calibration (non-zeroing required). Gas Sniffer resolution is 100 PPM with an accuracy of 0.1% vol. or +/-5% for CH4.

However, its advantages go beyond its measurement capacities; SENSIA’s Gas Sniffer 4.0 connectivity capabilities stand it out from other instruments. The data obtained by the sensor is automatically sent via Bluetooth, either to a mobile phone (via the Android App included with the device) or directly to one of SENSIA’s infrared cameras. The advantage of this system is that the concentration data is embedded in the image as metadata and therefore fully traceable by a leakage management system.

The standalone application has been updated according to the main demands of the customers. Now, the operator can obtain the average, minimum and maximum values of gas concentration during a specific period. Just by pressing when starting and finishing the inspection, the application displays the data on the screen.

SENSIA’s entire family of hand-held products is designed to get the most out of the Gas Sniffer 4.0. Combined, the two most widespread Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) technologies (Optical Gas Imaging and Sniffer), turn inspection surveys into SMART LDAR. OGI detects and sniffer makes it possible to quantify the concentration (PPM) of the leak and then evaluate the associated carbon footprint, as promulgated by the EPA on Method 21 best practices and other environmental bodies.

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