MILEVA K: The last RedLook Technology specifically created for the Korean Air Quality Regulation

Over the last few years, air quality in Korea has become a critical national concern. Korea has experienced an increasing number of poor air quality days, which has led to growing public concern about air pollution and shed new light on air quality policies.

SENSIA is a lead company of Optical Gas Imaging technology and MILEVA OGI Series is a cutting-edge product based on high performance InSb VGA technology. MILEVA involves both cases of use, handheld and continuous monitoring. MILEVA -K address the challenge bringing by the recent regulation in South Korea: intelligent monitoring and quantification of gas emissions.

To ensure that the benefits of the MILEVA-K reach the Korean Industry, Cities and Society in the best way as possible, SENSIA counts with a prestigious and very skilled Korean partner, JAEYOUNG SOFT, for the deployment of this product in the Asian country.

Andres Russu SENSIA’s COO: “the collaboration over the last years with Jaeyoung Soft has been excellent and productive. We are approaching together, with the support of INNOWWIDE, product customizations to address special market requirements”. “this INNOWWIDE project will put the roots of a fast and proper market deployment despite the COVID19 difficult time for international collaborations”.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme, under the Grant Agreement No 822273.

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