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Mileva 33-320 


Mileva 33-320 ON BOARD



Mileva 33-320 ON BOARD is SENSIA’s latest model of Optical Gas Imaging (OGI) for unmanned aircraft surveys. This thermal camera based on a cooled T2SL detector, is able to find the fugitive emissions of VOC’s and hydrocarbon gases (HxCx) down to 0.35 g/h of CH4.

The system integrates an on-board computer with Redlook Software which runs the gas imaging processing algorithms for gas detection.

Mileva 33-320 ON-BOARD Specifications2021-09-22T07:45:26+00:00
Base Specifications
Field of view 22ºx17º
Detector Cooled 320 x 256 px
Spectral region 3.2 to 3.3 μm
Pixel Pitch 30 μm
Raw video data 16 bits
NETD <10mK @ +50ºC
MDLR (for CH4)* 0,35 g/h
Electrical <25W (Cooldown) / <10 W (nominal)
Voltage 12 – 18 V
Data USB
Material 6068 aluminum
Max. Dimensions 55 x 80 x 250 mm
Weight 1,4 kg
Mechanical interface 1/4” UNC
Operating  Temperature Range -10ºC to +50ºC
Storage Temperature Range -40ºC to +71ºC
Maximum relative humidity 95%
Certifications EMC (EN 61326:2013)
IP 65 (EN 60529:2018)

* ΔT gas-background >5 ºC and orifice diameter 1/4”

Gases detected by Mileva 33 and 33F2021-11-08T09:37:15+00:00
Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s)
Methanol Ethanol
Ethylbenzene Heptane
Methane Pentane
Benzene 1-Pentene
Toluene Xylene
Ethane Isoprene
Propane Ethylene
Propylene Butane
Octane Hexane

Innovative capabilities assembled under a single control software

Innovative capabilities assembled under a single control software

High-sensitivity Mode

SENSIA’s Optical Gas Imaging (OGI) cameras can detect fugitive emissions of industrial gases using the high-sensitivity gas detection functionality. This feature, based on advanced image processing techniques, allows to show these invisible gases as clouds of smoke highlighted against the background scenario.

RedLook analytics is delivered for post-processing of the radiometric or compressed video acquired during the measurement campaign.

On board computer

RedLook is the software application that runs in the control computer. It is an application developed for Smart Optical Gas Imaging processing and data management for SENSIA instruments oriented to LDAR campaigns. RedLook provides advanced functionalities devoted to enhancing the detection of fugitive emissions such as different gas processing algorithms and automatic image contrast control, among a wide range of features.

This computer will oversee the image processing computing workload of the raw data provided by the OGI and will provide the thermal image streaming via RTSP protocol to the control computer. Additionally, it is devoted to power the detector and electronics of the OGI and to provide the back-up storage. This computer will include a software for video acquisition/processing and OGI management that will run the gas detection algorithms for an increased gas sensing performance. This software will also perform recordings of the OGI camera according to ground computer commands.

RedLook will show the video streaming with the running algorithms and the metadata of the OGI and will communicate it with third-party systems using RTSP or ONVIF protocols.

Download the Mileva 33-320 on board Brochure
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