Elevated Body Temperature

Elevated Body Temperature

Smart temperature screening solution

Elevated Body Temperature key features

This new Elevated Body Temperature detection solution for intelligent temperature measurement of people is based on SENSIA’s RedLook software. This screening monitoring tool allows to automatically detect and alert the person who stands out from the rest by an abnormal body temperature.

RedLook software provides the user interface to operate the HIGIA solution. It shows the real time video streaming of the thermal cameras and allows their configuration and management. The RedLook Elevated Body Temperature functionality provides an automatic temperature control system based on high accuracy thermography with real-time closed loop calibration.


IEC 80601-2-59:2019

The HIGIA Elevated Body Temperature functionality of RedLook analyzes every subject’s temperature and compares it to the previously specified threshold. If the subject’s temperature is above the threshold an alarm is generated.

This operation mode has been developed to operate according to the IEC 80601-2-59:2019 standard for infrared thermographs.

One by one, each person shall stay in the specified position facing the thermal camera with the face completely uncovered. HIGIA will measure the temperature of the subject in the region medially adjacent to the inner canthus of each eye.


HIGIA automatically detects every person (green rectangle) who enters in the field of view of the thermal camera and measures the skin temperature in real time.

The ability of HIGIA to distinguish people from the rest of the elements in the screen allows to analyze only the temperature of each subject coming through avoiding false alarms due to other hot spots in the field of view such as heaters, lights, hot cups, etc.

HIGIA does not provide person identification, so the identity of the evaluated subjects remains anonymous at all effects. HIGIA just identifies people from the rest of the elements in the image prior to the temperature measurement.

Outdoor and indoor performance keeping the highest reliability

HIGIA is a premium infrared thermography solution for Elevated Body Temperature detection providing a much better performance compared to apparently similar low cost solutions. The high added value points in comparison to the low cost solutions are the following:

  • Best-in-class rate of reliability with negligible false positives and false negatives

  • High precision and accuracy in the measurement. A real-time closed loop calibration using a controlled temperature reference allows to achieve a greater performance. Delivered with Calibration and Conformity Certificates.
  • HIGIA provides absolute temperature values while others just provide relative measurements between subjects. HIGIA thermal cameras are calibrated in laboratory using certified calibration patterns. No adjustment factors required.
  • High resolution and image quality. HIGIA thermal camera integrates high resolution detectors that provide a sharper infrared image.
  • Two different operation modes: Absolute temperature threshold (37.7 ºC, for example) and Average deviation threshold (+1ºC over the average of the last n readings)

  • Higia can operate at both outdoor and indoor conditions keeping the highest reliability. By this feature, the temperature measurement is not conditioned by external factors, even in hot or cold environments.

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