Long range and high precission thermography

SENSIA has developed a specific infrared system for highly accurate thermography. Potential users: thermosolar plants, industrial facilities…

How it works?

Any body above the absolute zero temperature (-273.15°C = 0 Kelvin) emits electromagnetic radiation proportional to its temperature. A fraction of this radiation is infrared radiation that can be used to measure the temperature of the emitting body. Invisible to the naked eye but not invisible to this IR cameras which use the emitted energy by the object (passive detection) and they do not need external lighting. Building on the radiation, temperature can be precisely calculated from a long distance, as far away as hundreds of miles.

Thermography is a widespread technology. But its long distance application requires technical expertise in lens calibration and infrared technology. Given the complexity of it, its implementation is highly innovative. For instance, precise temperature measurement of the central receiver of a solar power plant.

Temperature inspection is key element in any process control. Checking multiple points, areas or objects easily from one location, can save time and money.

This measure technique is useful in the following cases:

– Excessive distances

– Manufacturing process control

– Measurement of moving targets (e.g. conveyor belt)

– Measurements of hazardous or physically inaccessible objects (high-voltage parts,

– Measurements of extreme temperatures

Furthermore, it is a fast and there is no interference, so no energy is lost from the target.

July 23, 2015 Projects Author: vigil