SO2 leak survey on Smelter and Acid plant

SENSIA conducted a sulfur dioxide (SO2) leak survey of the smelter and acid plant at Freeport McMoran facilities in Arizona, US, using Gas Sensing System for SO2.

The survey conducted at Freeport facilities, validated 3 characteristics of SENSIA’s OGI-SO2:

Lower Cost & Better Performance & Unique Solution on market

The camera allows an employee to identify exact locations where gas is leaving the process.

Instead of an area monitor that alerts to SO2 or natural gas leaks, their imaging systems will identify exactly which union, valve, or duct is leaking, helping to the repair and maintenance operations.

Sulfur dioxide related industry where huge technological gaps exist for leaks detection and control. Currently, there is not other device to image leaks of SO2. SENSIA Optical Gas Imaging for SO2 proposed by SENSIA is the first device able to detect SO2.

Technology applied by SENSIA counts with the authorities’ endorsement for its operation within official LDAR programs: The Environmental European Agency (EEA) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are the leading agencies in EU and USA respectively and they have both been officially stated in favor of the use of infrared technology for leaks detection.

July 23, 2015 Projects Author: vigil