SO2 survey at Asturiana de Zinc - Glencore facilities

SO2 gas leak detection survey at zinc production facilities in San Juan de Nieva, Asturias. This work was carried out using an infrared camera specially designed by SENSIA, along with exclusive SO2 detection algorithms. It was one of the first steps before coming up with OGI for SO2, SENSIA’s optical gas imaging.

Sulphuric acid (H2SO4) is one of the most widely used substance in the chemical industry, being key in mineral processing and having a wide variety of industrial usage: Fertilizer manufacturing is the main consumer but oil refining, rayon, alum, petroleum refining, organic chemicals… most of these plants use elemental sulphur as a raw material but others use gasses from copper and zinc smelters to produce H2SO4.

Both extractions of sulphur and industrial production of H2SO4 from its raw materials lead to gas emissions and acid mists. Nearly all sulphur dioxide emissions from sulphuric acid plants are found in the exit stack gases. But relevant quantities of sulphur oxides could not reasonably pass through a stack, chimney, vent, or other ducted line that could easily be characterized with conventional point source or stack sampling methods. Fugitive emissions are caused by equipment leaks, evaporative processes, and windblown disturbances; these emissions may occur from breaks or small cracks in seals, tubing, valves, or pipelines, as well as when lids or caps on equipment or tanks have not been properly closed or tightened. Small amounts individually, but collectively mean significant amounts of SO2.

SENSIA´s Infrared Optical Gas Imaging for SO2  responds to the needs and requirements from fertilizer, mining/smelting, regeneration, manufacturing, oil and gas/petrochemical and other sulphuric-acid-related industries associated to SO2 fugitive emissions. But also it responds to the absence of technological based solution in this sector.

SENSIA works on sulphur dioxide detection has materialized in OGI-SO2. Today SENSIA is the only company able to manufacture cameras for SO2 gas leak detection.

July 28, 2015 Projects Author: vigil