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the perfect match for gas leak detection


RedLook App is SENSIA's Android software for its Optical Gas Imaging (compatible with CAROLINE and MILEVA cameras). This control and analysis software consists of a simple and intuitive control interface with which to unfold the full potential of RedLook and SENSIA's OGI.

Enhanced mode
Intellingent thermography

RedLook APP is capable of automatically coloring the gas to facilitate gas identification.

By placing the OGI on a tripod, the activation of the Enhanced Mode allows a fixed monitoring of a Region of Interest (RoI).

Establish thermal thresholds: maximum, minimum, average and thermal gradient within a Region of Interest (RoI).

Temperature inspection is key element in any process control. Checking multiple points, areas or objects from one location can save time and money.

Main features and specifications

Leak Detection & Repair

RedLook APP fusions Method 21 & Smart LDAR Automatic on-field leak reporting.

Breakthrough technology for Smart Industrial Monitoring

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