Natural gas leaks and flame detection automatic surveillance system

For this work, SENSIA developed an innovative system for natural gas leaks detection. The goal was to combine best features of unattended detection (from point detectors) and leaks location from infrared cameras: a 24/7 monitoring semi-autonomous system able to warning and help an operator to detect the leak at its source.

Gases may put in danger people, productivity and the very own industrial facility. SENSIA’s 24/7 monitoring system proposes a robust complement for Safety and Security at natural gas facilities.

This system will combine SENSIA’s Gas Sensing System and REDLOOK-FireDetec, which provides high probability of detection and low false alarm rate with a visual reference, making possible locate and choke the fire.

SENSIA has studied and checked out the current monitoring and surveillance mechanisms that take place in industrial plants. The current solution performances for gas and fire detection in oil & gas facilities present weaknesses in terms of false alarm rates, excessive time to identify and locate the event, high number of sensors, high detection limit, etc.

The equipment proposed by SENSIA will optimized all of these parameters for a much more efficient leaks and fire control. The abatement ratio (IR gas camera/punctual sensors) is very favorable to the IR camera because the field of view (FoV) and field of regard (FoR) if this work with pan&tilt unit. Apart of this direct benefit (lower installation cost) the operative performances of a IR camera based solution are much beneficial.

July 23, 2015 Projects Author: vigil
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