GaSeS project underway

Design, components and pilot tests on key industrial locations planned. GaSeS project is underway: towards a new paradigm on fugitive emissions mitigation.


European Commission’s granted project GaSeS, resides on one of the core objective of SENSIA: to reduce fugitive gas emissions and contribute to a more secure, clean and efficient industrial production chain.

It has been stablished that fugitive emissions in Oil & Gas industry mean between 30 and 60% of the total carbon emissions in industrial plants. This figure is even higher in the case of SO2 sulphur related industries as indicate in the European Environment Agency (EPA) report “Understanding pollutant emissions from Europe’s cities”, 2013.

Leak, Detection and Repair (LDAR) campaigns as proposed by the European and International environmental bodies will be a big step forward in cost savings, environmental protection, and worker and community safety. However, only a frequent monitoring routine can certainly reduce fugitive emissions. Currently, the large-scale implantation of portable Optical Gas Imaging (OGI) is truncated by its high cost.

SENSIA has this challenge since its creation. Company’s development has occurred in parallel with the technological development of SENSIA’s OGI. Since first lab prototypes for SO2 detection, to the actual OGI based on new spectrally adapted high sensitivity uncooled infrared technology for routine use under development, SENSIA has matured its approach on fugitive gas emissions.

SENSIA OGI technlogy development

SENSIA will test GaSeS Project’s first application (handheld device easy-to-use and affordable for routine inspection) under real operating conditions validated by the EPA.

More information about GaSeS Project will be release soon.

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May 4, 2017 GaSeS: H2020's SME Instrument Author: vigil
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