Optical Gas Imaging for SF6

Optical Gas Imaging (OGI) for SF6 can be used as a handheld system for punctual inspections, in which an operator carry out a visual inspection of the facilities, circuit, electric installation, etc. from a safe distance or as a fixed system for constant monitoring.

  • SENSIA’s OGI for remote detection of Sulfur Hexafluoride (SF6), Refrigerant gases, Acetic Acid (C2H4O2), Anhydrous Ammonia (NH3), Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2)…
  • This system can be implemented both for local action or to cover large areas.
  • The optical detection of gas allows, in a harmlessly and controlled manner, the identification of any gas leak, even if the gas is undetectable for the human eye.
  • OGI-SF6 is an image detection system able to cover large areas; the perfect tool for gas behavior monitoring in a given environment.
  • OGI counts with additional software to enhance the gas visualization.
  • With GSS it is possible to set up detection alarms based on temperature, concentration or any parameters

SF6 is used in high voltage equipment and power substations for insulation purposes. But it is has a very high greenhouse effect, 24.000 times the potential of CO2. Various factors can affect SF6 emissions, such as the type and age of the SF6 containing and maintenance procedures. Even a relatively small amount of SF6 can have a significant impact on our climate.
However, the correct monitoring of this gas is troublesome. Due to its invisible condition to the human eye, detecting this emissions is a challenging task.
SENSIA’s OGI-SF6 can be adjusted to any environment and customer needs: concentrations, observation distances, temperatures, etc.


June 30, 2015 Projects Author: vigil