SENSIA's Background

SENSIA is a private company founded in 2008 to bring to market innovative products and solutions based on infrared imaging. Nowadays, SENSIA is a  leading, specialized and cost competitive company in the field of infrared applications. Our developments cover industries such as energy, environment, transport, space, defense and security. We offer different services such as consultancy, design for manufacturing, engineering, software development, algorithm definition, etc.

The keys of success are:

  • Deep knowledge of technology: optics, detectors, electronics, software, processing techniques and algorithms
  • Availability of the most advanced instrumentation of infrared radiometry
  • The most qualified engineering staff
  • Agreements with technological partners and scientific groups

SENSIA is the appropriate technological partner to address your project.


SENSIA’s  low cost camera based on new spectrally adapted high sensitivity uncooled infrared technology for gas Leak, Detection and Repair (LDAR) tasks. SENSIA’s proposed devices are able to detect and image most of the industrial gases: SO2, natural gas, LPG’s, VOC´s, refrigerants.

Universidad Carlos III de Madrid Science Park

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